Title Model Manufacturer Format Language Category LABEL RARI YEAR YEAR2 COMMENTS
3D DIMPLE (Stainless Software) ? Brooks Pete CASS XB GRAPHIC - 4 : RA ? ? yes, the third is a demo program
3D FNC (Stainless Software) ? Brooks Pete CASS XB GRAPHIC - 4 : RA ? ? Plot a 3-dimensional graph using x,y,and z axes.
Insert a line in 3D FNC defining Z in terms of X and Y (Auto 3D FNC choses one for you at random).
Key in- Accuracy, distance between points plotted.
3D RACE (Stainless Software) ? Strassen Patrick CASS TiB GAME - 4 : RA ? ? You race against five cars, and a 'ghost car' which rapidly travel towards you... and you have to move out of the way. Watch your engine temperature, fuel, speed and time left
3D STALKERS (Stainless Software) ? Sumner Mark CASS TIB GAME - 4 : RA ? ? The mission is to locate and kill the opponent, who is also looking for you. Charging up to your opponent may be a mistake: he could shoot first.
99'VADERS (Stainless Software) ? Not-Polyoptics CASS TiB GAME - 4 : RA ? ? From the mothership above fall smaller alien ships, which you must blast before they reach the ground
ALPHA T'OMEGA (Stainless Software) ? Walker A. CASS XB GAME - 4 : RA ? ? Based on the several word forming board and card games. From a small selection of letters, form a word on the board if you can.
ANAGRAM CRACKER (Stainless Software) ? Chappell Bob CASS XB EDU - 4 : RA ? ? Good for up to ten letters with unknown positions. You may enter the positions of known letters
ASSEMBLER MATH (Stainless Software) ? KUHL SOFTWARE CASS TiB TOOL - 4 : RA ? ? A program for novices struggling with the concept of binary and hexadecimal numbers. Deals with simple conversions and binary addition and subtraction.
ASTROWARS (Stainless Software) ? Banks Colin CASS TiB GAME - 4 : RA ? ? A simple program in which you control a ship at screen centre and shoot down various aliens attacking from 8 different directions
ASW TACTICS 2 (Stainless Software) ? DEJ Software CASS XB GAME - 4 : RA ? ? Anti Submarine Warfare. From a helicopter you must find and destroy an enemy submarine before he sinks your convoy of three ships.
AUTO 3D FNC (Stainless Software) ? Brooks Pete CASS XB GRAPHIC - 4 : RA ? ? ...Grid Width. Axis limits for X Y and Z - but be careful you may select a region with no plots! The program will cease execution when the plot is finished or it has run out of characters. The results CAN be interesting
BANKROLL (Stainless Software) ? Not-Polyoptics CASS XB GAME - 4 : RA ? ? If you have seen the TI 'Market' simulation, there is no comparison - this NP program is a great improvement
BATTLESHIPS (Stainless Software) ? Pegg Ian CASS XB GAME - 4 : RA ? ? You know THIS game! For two players or one vs the computer. The game can be limited to a maximum number of turns if you wish. A non-taxing program for a rainy day. Nice graphics and quite fast.
BEETLE (Stainless Software) ? Christmas M. CASS TiB GAME - 4 : RA ? ? An unusual two screen game for one player.
First you must build up your strength by eating beetle food, and bury beetle eggs in the next level down. There are spiders to watch out for, and do not forget the gronk.
BELLS (Stainless Software) ? Shaw Stephen CASS TiB AUDIO - 4 : RA ? ? Well- it doesn't sound like bells - but it is a good representation of a peal of up to 12 bells- in any of many scales (eg Pentatonic etc)
BILLY BALL TO THE RESCUE (Stainless Soft ? Trueman R. CASS XB GAME - 4 : RA ? ? A superb program featuring your favorite hero, bouncing his way through the hazards of the battlements to rescue Beryl Ball
BIORHYTHMS (Stainless Software) ? PRP COMPUTERGRAPIHCS CASS TiB GAME - 4 : RA ? ? Based on the old numerology thesis, the computer will advise you of your mental emotional and physical states for any day you select.
BLACK BOX (Stainless Software) ? Shaw Stephen CASS TiB GAME - 4 : RA ? ? This is the famous game of deduction from Waddingtons House of Games (used with permission).
In an 8x8 grid are hidden some atoms- guess where they are from the clues given.
BLACKJACK (Stainless Software) ? PRP COMPUTERGRAPIHCS CASS TiB GAME - 4 : RA ? ? Dealer takes extra cards automatically if he scores under 17, stands if higher. The object is to score higher than the dealer without going over 21
BLACKJACK (Stainless Software) ? PRP COMPUTERGRAPIHCS CASS XB GAME - 4 : RA ? ? as above TI Basic version, this gives extra screen help (but if you have 5 cards,one card suit indicator will vanish- does not affect play). Please ask for EXTENDED BASIC version
BLUEGRASS SWEEPSTAKES (Stainless Softwar ? PEWTERWARE CASS TiB GAME - 4 : RA ? ? A horserace game in TI BASIC for up to 8 players. Eight horses per race and eight races to make your fortune on.
If your horse wins one of these then you have also won a draw ticket for the ninth 'sweepstake' race.
BOUNCING BUGS (Stainless Software) ? Akers P J CASS TiB GAME - 4 : RA ? ? Three games in one. In each game you set the launch height and strength of each of five bugs and then watch as they bounce around the screen.
BRAINTWISTERS ONE (Stainless Software) ? Titan Software USA CASS TiB GAME - 4 : RA ? ? MasterMind: SWITCHBOARD: By using random predetermined moves, change the pattern in the 3x3 board. Fairly easy.
DECODER:Using clues given from your guesses, deduce the hidden number.
BREAKPOINT (Stainless Software) ? Adams Malcolm CASS TiB GAME - 4 : RA ? ? Repair a printed circuit board, avoiding nasty static and bugs in this very graphic and interestingly different game
CARS AND CARCASSES 2. (Stainless Softwar ? Not-Polyoptics CASS TiB GAME - 4 : RA ? ? Guide your car and run over monsters, avoiding obstacles
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