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BASIC Tricks for the TI-99/4A Allen Wyatt Howard W. Sams Inc. Book
Computer Monsters Stephen Manes, Paul ... Scholastic Inc. Book
Games TIs Play Scott Singer & Tony ... SDatamost Book
Beginning Assembly Language for the TI Home Comput ... Ed York D & D Publishing Co. ... Book
Terrific Games for the TI99/4A Hal Renko and Sam Ed ... Addison-Wesley Pub C ... Book
Sprites, A Turtle, and TI LOGO Jon Conlan, Don Inma ... Reston Publishing Co ... Book
Computer Space Adventures Stephen Manes, Paul ... Scholastic Inc. Book
Introduction to Graphics for the TI-99/4A John Grillo, John Ro ... William. C. Brown Pu ... Book
Mastering the TI-99 Peter Brooks Micro Press Book
Compute!'s First Book of TI Games C. Regina, Ed. Compute! Books Book
50 Complete Programs for Texas Instruments TI-99/4 ... No Author Credited Blue Mountain Comput ... Book
Computer Art & Animation, A User's Guide to TI-99/ ... David Thornburg Addison Wesley Micro ... Book
10 Starter Programs from Family Computing J. Latimer Scholastic Inc. Book
Learning TI 99/4A Home Computer Assembly LanguageP ... Ira McComic Wordware Publishing ... Book
Graphics Programming Language - Programmer´s Guide Texas Instruments In ... Texas Instruments In ... Book
32 BASIC Programs for the TI-99/4A T.Rugg, P Feldman & ... Dilithium Press Book
The Last Word on the TI-99/4A Linda Schreiber & Al ... TAB Books Book
Innermost Secrets Of The TI 99/4A, The Randy Holcomb Patch Publishing Inc ... Book
Diskinfo Christopher Winter & ... System 99 User-Group Book
Getting Started With the Texas TI-99/4A Stephen Shaw Phoenix Publishing A ... Book
User's Reference Guide - TI-99/4A Texas Instruments Texas Instruments Manual
Compute!'s TI Collection ,Volume Two Compute! Books Compute! Books Book
Programmer's Reference Guide to the TI-99/4A C. Regina COMPUTE! Publication ... Book
The Best of 99'er, Volume Emerald Valley Publi ... Emerald Valley Publi ... Book
TI-99/4A Intern Heiner Martin Verlag für Technik u ... Book
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