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10 Starter Programs from Family Computing J. Latimer Scholastic Inc. Book
21 LISTige Programme für den TI-99/4A W. Breuer & W. Czern ... Markt und Technik Ve ... Book
33 Programs for the TI-99/4A B. Flynn Compute! Books Book
50 Complete Programs for Texas Instruments TI-99/4 ... No Author Credited Blue Mountain Comput ... Book
50 Programmes BASIC J.-P. Nizard, Ed. L’Ordinateur Individ ... Book
50 Programmes TI-99/4A Texas Instruments J. Bénard Editions Radio Book
99 Special I No Author Credited Texas Instruments Le ... Book
99 Special II No Author Credited Texas Instruments Le ... Book
A Programmer's Guide to the Best of 99'er, Volume ... Emerald Valley Publi ... Emerald Valley Publi ... Book
Almost Free Computer Stuff for Kids L. G. Christie & G. ... New American Library Book
Assemblerkurs II, 1st Edition Raush & Haub Hagera Book
Assemblerkurs II, 2nd Edition Raush & Haub Hagera Book
Assemblerkurs II, 3rd Edition Raush & Haub Hagera Book
Assemblerkurs III Raush & Haub Hagera Book
BASIC Computer Games, Microcomputer Edition D. H. Ahl Workman Publishing Book
BASIC Computerspellen voor de TI-99/4A M. Th. A. M. Vijftig ... M. Th. A. M. Vijftig ... Book
BASIC Tricks for the TI-99/4A Allen Wyatt Howard W. Sams Inc. Book
Compute!'s Beginner's Guide to Assembly Language o ... Peter M. L. Lottrup Compute! Books Book
Computer Olympics S. Manes & P. Somers ... S. Manes & P. Somers ...  
Diskinfo Christopher Winter & ... System 99 User-Group Book
Free Software for your TI-99/4A D. Heller & D. Helle ... D. Heller & D. Helle ...  
Fun and Games with your TI-99/4A S. M. Muncy/Hayden B ... S. M. Muncy/Hayden B ...  
Get more from the TI-99/4A Gary Marshall Granada Technical Bo ... Book
Interface Standard & Design Guide for TI-99/4A Per ... Tony Lewis Tony Lewis Book
Learning to use the TI-99/4A Computer Kevin Townsend Gower Publishing Com ... Book
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